Too often, the path that tools put power users on is pretty raggedy:

  • Some tools make it really easy to perform some tasks, but once you bump into needs that go beyond those easy-to-do tasks, you fall off a cliff: either it’s incredibly difficult to make progress, or you can’t make any progress until you can get a developer to build an alternative solution.
  • Other tools, such as pandas or R, give you a lot of room to grow as your needs become more complex, but for many users, getting started is dauntingly intimidating.
  • And for some tools, such as some of the new “Auto ML” tools that reduce the work needed for machine learning, most users have no idea about the critical assumptions and implicit decisions that are built into the tools. As these tools become critical to an organization’s success, this isn’t sustainable.

Data Chefs is based on the principle that we want to make it as easy as possible for users to get started, but we also want to make it easy to continue to learn and grow as a user’s needs expand.

Makers All, the parent organization for Data Chefs, advocates for a strategy of smoothing the learning curve for all languages, frameworks, and tools for developing emerging tech. Makers All advocates for tech companies and techies who create languages, frameworks, tools, etc. to collaborate with community groups to improve coding UX. Data Chefs’ argues that:

  • Individual organizations should start by using a chopped down, lightweight version of Maker All’s strategy focused on a collaboration between their organization’s developers/vendors and their users. For example, instead of trying to improve the overall UX of the pandas data science library, an organization might create a simple, lightweight library on top of pandas that makes it much easier to use pandas to address a few specific user or department needs, plus some template Jupyter notebooks and cheat sheets that target those needs.
  • As organizations begin to build bridges among power user ecosystems, start taking baby steps towards the more expansive collaboration envisioned by Makers All.