Overcoming Obstacles to Sharing Science Data

Over at The Atlantic, Maggie Puniewska recently wrote a nice summary of several studies exploring the various factors that prevent scientists from sharing their data: “Scientists Have a Sharing Problem.”

Puniewska’s piece is a great read, as are all of the  studies  she  references.   A few quotes are worth highlighting. Among them,

      These findings show that data withholding isn’t always motivated by vengeance or the desire to get ahead; in some cases, the lack of resources makes it difficult to share it.


Also, regarding efforts to correct this lack of data sharing, Puniewska writes,


     Scientists would need a centralized place to store their data, meaning more digital repositories would need to be created… The scientific community would also need to establish protocols on how data should be stored, so that it becomes less time-consuming for other researchers to locate and interpret results.


The studies Puniewska examines are about primarily about scientists sharing their datasets. At Data Chefs, we believe that making data accessible is more than just posting raw datasets for public consumption; we believe that there must also be tools and concerted efforts to make the shared data easier to analyze and understand. We aim to be a community that provides the resources, repositories, and protocols to make this a reality.

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