Data Chefs Data Viz Organizer: Problems & Questions


This post is part of an ongoing series about the Data Chefs Viz Organizer, a planning document designed to help people create visualizations from conception to end product.


As I said in the last post, I created the Data Chefs Visualization Organizer to provide a little more guidance than the Junk Charts Trifecta Checkup (JCTC), especially for crafting the question driving the data visualization.  This organizer proved to be really useful for the first cohort, who built their visualizations from scratch.

Here are a couple (modified) examples of the question section of the organizer when completed:


Again, the benefit of expanding on the JCTC is that students now have some context they can use when creating their questions; bracketing each question with a formulated problem and possible decisions to be made as a result of answering the question made for much more effective questions.


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