Data Chefs Data Viz Organizer: Complete Example

This post is part of an ongoing series about the Data Chefs Viz Organizer, a planning document designed to help people create visualizations from conception to end product.


In an earlier post, I explored the problem and question section of the Data Chefs Viz Organizer and offered some examples.  In this post, I’d like to provide an example of a fully completed organizer template. I think this will demonstrate how the organizer can help guide the work would-be visualizers.

Click on the image below for the PDF version with working links.



As I detailed in prior posts, the 3 major sections of the organizer-the ones shaded purple-are based on the the Junk Charts Trifecta Checkup (JCTC).  I don’t think it makes sense to limit “Assumptions” to any one of the 3 sections (Question, Data, and Chart), so I placed it on its own (number IV.).

Below are the final versions of both hexmap graphs.

This one for the raw number of Committe Members in each state:


…and this one for the difference between Actual and Expected Committee Members in each state:


Thoughts about the organizer and the example?  How could it be improved? Could you use this organizer help guide and document your process for creating a visualization from scratch?

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