New Data Chefs Data Viz Revision Organizer

This post is part of an ongoing series about the Data Chefs Viz Organizer, a planning document designed to help people create visualizations from conception to end product.


Because the 1st Cohort of Data Viz Ambassadors (DVAs) had some success using the original Visualization Organizer, I was a little surprised when I realized that the Organizer wasn’t as helpful to the 2nd Cohort.

After some investigation, I figured out the issue: while the 1st Cohort mostly wanted to create visualizations from scratch; those in the 2nd Cohort were more interested in revising existing visualizations that weren’t up to par.  For them, the Question/Problem section of the Visualization Organizer just wasn’t necessary.

Compare the kinds of problems and questions from the 1st Cohort…


…to the common problem of those in Cohort 2 who revised visualizations:

revision question.png


This is not the kind of in-depth, substantive problem/question that typically drives data inquiry.  But it made me think about the important functional task of revising data visualizations and sugested the need to tweak the template for those who are just revising them, not designing them from scratch.

I came up with this (click on the image for a PDF version):

Data Chefs Viz Revision Organizer blank

Compare the original from scratch Organizer (left) to this Revision Organizer (right):

data chefs org side by side

Again, because the Problem/Question section was not necessary for revising, I scrapped it altogether, along with the Assumptions section. I also beefed up the Chart/Visualization section, adding space to describe the old visualization and its drawbacks as well as the proposed revision and the rationale for the change.

Our hope is that people use this organizer to document their revision process.

Using one of the revisions we did here a while back, we’ve completed a Revision Organizer below (click image for PDF version):

Data Chefs Viz Revision Organizer NIMSP

What do you think? We’d love to hear your thoughts.

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