The more important data is to our economy, the more we need people who can slice, dice, and explain data. That’s why today the demand for folks who are good at working with data is almost insatiable.

At the same time, the tools that let people who aren’t coders transform and analyze data are getting more and more powerful. Even fields such as machine learning, which used to require many years of experience and often an advanced degree, are slowly opening up with the rise of tools such as “Auto ML.”

Data Chefs is a framework that helps organizations unleash the power of analytics and data science by growing an ecosystem of power users / “citizen data scientists” – and to do so in a way that in the long term will also help the community. It argues for:

  • Growing an organization’s internal ecosystem to help power users flourish, using an iterative approach that racks up small, strategic wins while building towards larger victories
  • Building an ecosystem across organizations so they can share knowledge, pool resources, and collectively work to smooth the learning curve from beginner to power user to data scientist/engineer
  • Using this ecosystem across organizations to connect large organizations to the community, so communities can also benefit – and in doing so, laying the groundwork to help communities from Harlem to Harlan County benefit from the explosion of wealth that will be created by AI, AR/VR, and other forms of under window emerging tech over the next 20 years.

NOTE: Data Chefs is a work in progress. This is v.0.3