These days, data is everywhere, and knowing how to slice and dice it can give you power over the world and can help you get a better job. So, a lot of folks are trying to democratize working with data.

Most attempts to democratize data fall into one of two camps:

1) Microwaving a bag of popcorn. Just point and click, and you can bang out a remarkably sophisticated analysis. But you don’t understand what’s going on. Your choices are limited to the products manufacturers make. And you can’t experiment much.

2) Butchering a pig. There are commandline tools and SQL-focused tools that give you a lot of power. But they are intimidating as hell to most people.

What if we made working with data more like making chocolate chip cookies?

Baking cookies is easy, too, but the tools and knowledge you pick up give you a much wider range of food to cook. And unlike learning to microwave popcorn, learning how to bake cookies can put you on the path to becoming a good home cook or even a professional chef

That’s the goal of Data Chefs – to help find ways of making working with data more accessible without __

NOTE: Data Chefs is a work in progress. This is v.0.3